The only two platforms you'll need to process a tenancy

Goodlord // Reapit integration

Discover the 99 reasons to use the Goodlord // Reapit integration


What do you get when you pair the best-in-market pre-tenancy software with the letting industry's top CRM?


A seamless tenancy journey with Goodlord and Reapit

We were one of the first suppliers to integrate with Reapit's leading property management system - and now, six months in, we're getting the thumbs up from our users.

Together, we help business owners save money and ensure an efficient lettings process with just two suppliers for your whole tenancy journey.

Reapit and Goodlord integration

And if you use a CRM every day? We can help you:

Halve your data entry

Reduce errors

Improve compliance management - with essential documents available in Reapit too

Streamline your processes