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Goodlord's digital lettings software for agents

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Agencies partner with Goodlord to help reliable tenants get into your property quicker, provide you with all the info you need and make sure you are always fully compliant with your legal obligations.

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Goodlord's digital lettings software for agents
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What's the big deal?

We work with forward-thinking agents from around the UK who want to give their landlords (and tenants) a better renting experience with our online pre-tenancy platform. Goodlord processes thousands of tenancies per week - the largest volume in the UK - and operates with bank grade security. So don't worry, you're in good hands.

Goodlord starts with the offer letter and continues through to contracts, referencing, signing and payment - all done online. We provide additional products and services to the agent, tenant and landlord throughout the process - all with the aim of making renting easier and less stressful.


Whether you’re in Brisbane or Bognor Regis, Goodlord lets you complete your part of the lettings process from your laptop or mobile.


We stay up-to-date in the latest UK housing and lettings legislation and give your agent access to various documents so they can always ensure they remain compliant with any changes to the law.

Keep track

Can’t remember the specifics of a clause or need more information on the signing process? Your agent has got you covered with a digital paper-trail.

Take cover

Reduce your risk with our bank grade security and in the worst case scenario protect your earnings with our Rent Protection Insurance.

How it works

Goodlord speeds up the rental process with our simple and easy-to-use online platform. We’ll notify all parties when they need to take action and we’ll send you all of the relevant documentation when it’s completed so you can access it whenever you need.

Your agency starts the Goodlord process
Complete your tasks and sign from anywhere in the world
Speed up your void periods with faster tenancy completions
We'll manage and take care of the bills during void periods*

* Service available when your agency has signed up to Goodlord's optional switching services

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