How to win landlords in a challenging environment

Your guide to winning and retaining more landlords in 2021

How does your agency plan to win and retain landlords in 2021?

You'll need to make sure you're armed with the right tools to win instructions in a challenging environment, from ensuring that you have the building blocks of a winning proposition in place to the right marketing to get that message in front of landlords looking for a new agent.

And once you've won the instruction, your opportunities to win more more will only increase if you take a customer success approach to relationship-building and encouraging positive reviews and referrals.

Our free e-book, How to win landlords in a challenging environment, covers:

Providing protection and security amidst uncertainty

Supporting landlords to navigate and implement lettings legislation

Helping your landlords to capture the current tenant market

Building a brand that resonates with your target market (with Peter Knight)

Leveraging your customers' loyalty to win even more instructions

Seeking out positive reviews and referrals

And much more...