Dawn of a new decade: Lettings in the 2020s

An e-book from Goodlord

Dawn of a new decade


The next decade is going to be one that brings huge change for the private rental sector. It will also be one of huge growth.

More and more people will be renting for longer than they ever have before, with projections showing that 25% of people will be living in the PRS in just five years’ time. This is good news for letting agents who want to capitalise on the many opportunities offered by this growing demographic. But the next decade won’t be without its challenges.

Our free e-book, DAWN OF A NEW DECADE: LETTINGS IN THE 2020s, covers:

  • The predicted impact of Brexit
  • Ongoing legislation of the PRS
  • Keeping up with BTR
  • The changing demographic of tenants
  • The need for the PRS to turn green, fast
  • The agency of the future


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