It is expected to be a year of unprecedented challenge for the lettings industry. But there remain plenty of opportunities for those agencies who want to win new landlords or develop new revenue streams - or both - this year.

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A third of letting agents say winning more landlords is their main focus this year, while 20% are looking to develop new revenue streams. It’s possible to achieve both of these goals in 2019, but, in a changing landscape, letting agents are going to need to take new approaches to growth. Letting agents from all over the UK share their advice on how to grow in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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 Improve your operational efficiency

Successful businesses are those that are constantly evolving and improving their processes.

Create new revenue streams

Add value to your landlords and tenants by creating a compelling proposition.

Grow your portfolio

Carve out time to focus on nurturing relationships with new and existing landlords and establish your agency as the local industry expert.

Boost your brand

Create impressive experiences for your tenants and landlords to increase awareness of your brand and receive glowing
online reviews that drive more referrals.

Choose the best tools

Identify the technology that will help you cut costs, increase revenue and improve your customers’ experience.

About Goodlord

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Goodlord brings together the multiple systems and services traditionally used by letting agents in one professional platform - resulting in higher conversions, better customer experience and increased profits for their agency.

  • Earn £200 per tenancy
    Agencies using Goodlord earn an average of £200 per tenancy utilising our rent protection insurance, tenant content insurance, referencing and void management services.
  • Automatic contract generation
    Save time per deal and eliminate errors by automating the administrative tasks of tenancy progression, including contract generation.
  • Referencing
    Place your tenants with confidence and cut costs with fully integrated comprehensive referencing from just £5.

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