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Goodlord significantly improves the renting process for agents, landlords and tenants alike, while integrating market-leading products and services at the optimal time for improved conversion rates and profits.

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Our top agencies earn over £200 per tenancy.

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How one agency benefits from using Goodlord

Benefit from an integrated online platform

Goodlord will help your agency to achieve higher profits and provide an improved experience for your customers.

Reduce costs

Save time and money per deal by automating the administrative tasks of tenancy progression.

Generate new revenue

Improve your conversion rates with market-leading, in-house products, integrated at the optimal time in the tenancy journey.

Reduce compliance risk

Automate key legislative processes, including the sending of essential documents such as the Right to Rent Guide.

Eliminate errors

Reduce error by minimising the amount of manual data entry required by your negotiators and admins.

Improve customer experience

Provide your tenants with a simpler application process that gives you more time to spend with your landlords.

Future-proof your agency

Goodlord will grow with your agency, and help you identify opportunities for development.

Goodlord partners with hundreds of agencies throughout the UK, including:



*Average across our current agent customers who utilise Goodlord's rent protection insurance, tenant content insurance, referencing and void management services along with the platform.

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